all you need to know about this website, its purpose and me

About Lena Morawietz standing in front of the Cliffs of Moher

This website is all about impressions, the stories behind my photos, and views that I gained on my journeys. They are meant to become your inspiration.

So let’s start from scratch:

Hi! My name is Lena and due to a series of fortunate circumstances I have been able to live in several countries over the past years. Due to internships, university and a profound love for travelling, I have seen beautiful countries all across Europe. I have created this website to share the photos taken on my adventures with you.

I make my photos available for everyone to be purchase at reasonable prices. You can get my images either as a download in your preferred size. Or you can let me do a little more work and have them all printed, ready for being put on the wall of your living room, office or creative space.

An image, of course, says more than a thousand words, nevertheless, I also want to share the story behind my photos.

I believe that describing the particular moment in which a photo is taken and what brought me there, draws a whole new picture and will let you see my images from a new perspective, adding even more value to them.

My vision is that my photos and the stories behind them truly become your inspiration. Therefore, go and see a new place, embrace a foreign culture, get out of your comfort zone and do a little good in the world every day!

Any questions, ideas or tips? Don’t be afraid to contact me and have a little chat.

enjoy my photos and stories

and make them